Telling the story of the 33 required some patience, and that is something almost nobody possesses nowadays, so there goes the whole thing; as short as possible, sweet and to the point ... the story of 25 years of rock and counting.

In 1988, the streets of Panama City burned in the struggle for democracy against the dictatorial military regime of General Manuel Antonio Noriega. The 'rebels' were persecuted in all corners of the Panamanian capital. Many killed, others tortured, and some were saved from not being shot against a wall because God is great, some of us just got beaten hard in different parts of the body with assault rifles AK 47 and shotguns (shotguns 12 gauge) which was the weapons they would be carrying. We were fighting back with sticks, stones, Molotov cocktails, and any other improvised weapon that we could find to defend ourselves against the paramilitary M.A.N. It was in these difficult times that three young Panamanians and a Uruguayan, who grew up listening to rock, decided that their passion for music was not enough; something was lacking, they had to move from being spectators to the next level. They listened to Aerosmith, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Def Leppard and others... some brought what they knew of South America such as Fito Paez, Soda Stereo, Enanitos Verdes, Sumo, Charly Garcia and Andres Calamaro when he played in the Abuelos de Nada. Mix all that together and you get 33.

But where does this strange name come from??? When the band was formed and they were just writing the first songs, there was a pizzeria called Los 33 belonging to a Uruguayan based in Panama. He was close to where Tip Top warehouses used to be (waro and cheap food) between Via Brazil and Via Argentina. As Fabrizzio (or 'fiber' among them) was of Montevideo, he said that the name Los 33 comes from his country. It turns out that in the early 1800s, when Latin America was rebelling against the Spaniards, Portuguese settlers entered a region south of Brazil, known as La Plata (today is made up of three countries: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil). 33 Uruguayan villagers, then, drove the Portuguese with sticks and stones out of their village! They were the 33 Orientals! Look for it so you can see what I’m talking about! So much was happening in Panamanian politics at that time against Noriega; that the young musicians immediately identified with this historical event. Shortly after the band had been founded, Fiber said his goodbyes because he was moving to Mexico where he remained linked to music, but left his friendship with the rest of the band and if it were not for Fiber I don’t know what theband would have been called ...Perhaps “The Rebels” ... What do I know!

After Fibra left, John Calvo, who already was a friend of the band, pick up the bass guitar and so becomes part of the band. So the lineup would consist of: Victor Juliao (vocals), Chris Leon (guitar), Ricky Mendez (drums) and John Calvo (Bass). They began to write their own songs, which lead to the band to have instant success in Panama. As they say, to remember is to live, the iconic song “mudate o Muerate” (more or die) was recorded live during the 1st Urban Rock Contest in ‘88, in the old Club Montaña. Ironically, Los 33 were disqualified from the contest, but that raw live recording was broadcasted on the radio and was requested so much by the people, that it became an immediate success, leading to the # 1 hit parade locally! This is how they were discovered and many describe their style as a pure rock, open and direct delivery of thought. Filled with adrenaline, juvenile hormones and looking for a better sound, John brings the band to Toño González, who immediately, with his guitar tone and skills, perfected the legendary sound that describes Los 33.

Enjoying what they did and hungry for more, Los 33 decided to integrate a new guitar to compose and perform best musical arrangements both in the studio and live. It was a fad in the early 80s, to have two 'lead guitars'; more power, more force and better musical arrangements. With Toño Gonzalez, just arriving from Miami to Panama with a look of rocker that nobody questioned his rock fanaticism, turns Los 33 into a powerful rock machine.

The band, now complete, still composing new songs soon recorded its first production; an EP with four songs called "Llevate lo que quieras" (take what you want) with the only record company in Panama; Sonomundi. Their first successes were “mudate o muerate” (Move in or die),"Alguien Te Espera” (someone is waiting for you) and “Yan i me llamas” (you don’t even call me) Sonomundi print the copies of the disc and distributed the records. Three songs became # 1 on the Hit Parades of Panamanian radio stations back then, being recognized as the rock in Spanish band of the moment. An interesting fact is that the EP broke the sales record that Pedrito Altamiranda had set in Sonomundi. And speaking of the first contest of Urban Rock ... ummm .. one year later, now famous and with a record out, they were invited as special guests for the Grand Finale of the contest. The twists and turns of life, right? From being disqualified to being invited as special guests. In our section D you can see photographs of these historical times for the band.

Thanks to bands such as Ocean, Causeways, Alpha Crucis, Quartz, net weight, the timid way, and many more for opening the door to rock in Spanish in Panama, Los 33 has a clear path and left their mark since its creation and forever after that. It was the birth of the movement of rock in Spanish in Panama. There was only one bar / pub that allowed rock bands performing there and getting their music out there; the legendary bohemian Groucho Pub in Via Argentina, the Spanish man and great friend, Manolo Dapena. How we love this guy for opening the door for the rock in Spanish in Panama! From the Groucho Pub came out a wave of new bands like Tierra de Nadie, 2 con 8, Anonimo, fosiles Mecanicos, Sintesis, Chantaje and a few more, who paved the way and influenced generations of other Panamanian rockers; Rabanes, Os' Almirantes, Cinema, Factor 8 and many more ... their first single "Mudate o Muerate", considered by many as the anthem of the Panamanian rock, thunders in the main stations in the country. When the song was composed, the lyrics were a direct and unfiltered protest against the military, but as it is better to be safe than sorry, someone came to his senses and said, "Vic, change the lyrics, because they will come back and this time they will finish the job!" and as God is so great you know what happened! The album's title was also dedicated to Noriega.

In 1990 (now with a free Panama with an ousted Noriega), Los 33 released their second album titled "Malas Compañias" (Bad Company); produced by the band itself; no record companies in Panama. John recorded the entire bass of this album and left the band to go to USA to finish his university studies. Crisan Remus would come in, better known as "El X", then bassist for Los Timidos (the most popular band Punk Rock ...

1995: They go to Mexico where they meet Mexican bands such as Kerigma, Santa Sabina, Cafe Tacuba and Maquina Del Antro, Rockotitlán, Bulldog and other rocker bars of DF.

1996: Gustavo goes to Spain for another of his passions; Photography. Ivan McGowen, former guitarist of Chantaje comes in to replace him. Los 33 would, in the midst of '96, record their fourth album "Renacimiento Letargico” (Lethargic Renaissance), which starts with an explosive press release and a tour of all the bars of the capital of Panama, as in the interior of the Republic. Again, Los 33 cause the same sensation as always with this long-awaited fourth Album. The first single, "No Tengo A Donde Ir” (I Don’t have anywhere to go to) bursts on the radios. Much of the video was produced in the former Carcel Modelo, a prison where many human rights were violated. It was the terror of Panama's prisons. After the Yanks took Noriega in the invasion of Panama, this penal institution was closed by the new democratic government of President Guillermo Endara. In this former prison many scenes of the video for this song were recorded, which the MTV Latino transmitted multiple times in their playlist. Two weeks after they finished recording the video, the Carcel Modelo was destroyed with dynamite. I wish they had recorded that thing falling! A friend of the band, Pinky Mon, vice president of advertising Publi4, directs the video. For many, this is the best ever video of Los 33. Very well produced! Thanks Pink!

With this production, Los 33 go on an international tour again, this time in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, Hollywood and Burbank (California), where they share the stage with a local band pickup and Enrique Bunbury (former lead singer of Heroes del Silencio of Spain ), among others, and their music gets a strong acceptance. 1997: Rock in Spanish Festival in Costa Rica with Aterciopelados, Los 33, Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro, Azul violeta, Gandhi (local band policy) and other bands, with the support of MTV. 1998: More changes in the line-up. Out goes Ivan Mc Gowen and in comes Jose Manuel Correa, former guitarist of Gasolina 70. After that year, Eduardo Verdurmen leaves and is replaced by Juanry Della Togna, former bassist of Chantaje and Tierra de Nadie. Then Toño Gonzalez leaves and enters Billy Herron (excellent guitarist, brought by Juanry) in the other guitar, keeping the two guitars in the band. New alignment: Vic, Ricky, Juanry, Jose and Billy. 1999: They compose the super theme "Lo Que Yo No Puedo Ver" (that which I cannot see) and another new song, "Siempre Tu" (Always you). They decide that their fifth album will be the first live acoustic album, recorded in rock history in Panama. After dozens of intense, frustrating and lengthy meetings with pre-production and production with the recording studio Insomnia, the live recording of the fifth album is organized in the famous rock bar La Cantina in Marbella, Panama City for September '99. Three months would be sufficient for recording, mixing, mastering, art design, make it and send it out for distribution before December of '99. They met the deadline by a miracle. Los 33 is a rock band that is characterized by its strength live, big distorted guitars and a lot of power, which would not be achieved in an acoustic. But it was time to do something different. Evolution, brother; you either start to reinvent or you get left behind! God has a plan. With a full house at La Cantina, this live concert is composed of the acoustic version of all the band’s hits, with two new tracks: "Lo Que Yo No Puedo Ver" and "Siempre Tu". The fans chanted from start to finish of this gig; their voices recorded forever with their favourite band. As the first live album of Panamanian rock, and not knowing what to expect from the quality of the recording, the album is called "Acoustic Experiment". It turned out to be of very good quality to be an experiment of live music production, and prompts very positive reviews award applause and recognition for Los 33. Our respects to Pablo, Salo (former keyboardist of the Panamanian grandparents of rock, Oceano) and Alberto of Insomnia for risking his family jewels for getting involved with this experiment with Los 33.

Insomnia is the best there is in Panama to record music! Do not hesitate!

Special guests for Acoustic Experiment: Nando Lopez (former keyboardist Peso Neto and La Veronical), Ricky Salas (congas and timbales, a favourite teacher of the Panamanian Salsa Ruben Blades) and the beautiful and talented Lorena 'K-NDELA' Toledano in the chorus. They hit the road again, and visit Costa Rica again. As Vic comes from a family with political roots, it is postulated as a candidate for Representative of the township of Pueblo Nuevo, and in May of '99 won the elections. Now there was a rocker in Panama that was Councillor. He came to be President of the Municipal Council of Panama.

2000: Finally a record company appears in Panama! Sony Music signed with Los 33 and started preproduction on their sixth album, Arriba. Each band member gets a notice to appear at the rehersal sessions songs. Sony Music asked the band, apart from the new songs for the new album, to re-record previous hits such as "De Tu Lado", "Alguien Te Espera" And a few studio versions of "Lo Que Yo No Puedo Ver" and “Siempre Tu "since were only recorded the first time they were plaid live. Sony Music wanted to release these past successes abroad. A more updated version of "De Tu Lado", a version of "Alguien Te Espera", modern, chillout, with electronis sounds. It turned out to be a very tasty piece, look for it on our website (lounge version, album Arriba) and buy it, even though you might throw in the towel at the band. At this end of this year, Arriba would be launched in the market.

2001: Starts the promotional tour with all the gear and excite the rock community as usual. This album is considered by the 33 as the beginning of a new era in its history, due to the support of a record label (Sony Music) for the first time. The new lineup wrote great songs like "Sin Ti", "Cosas Que Pasan" and "Si Sabes Lo Que Quieres". New members of the band contributed a lot in the new compositions and evolution. Now there were more members writing topics and the work was distributed among the team. Even Ricky started to write songs. Everyone learns to write songs and the weight is lifted off Vic’s shoulders. This greatly improved their work. The band decided to permanently integrate keyboards (keyboards). Ricky brought Jose Miguel "Chile" Aybar, who had just arrived to Panama from you know where, and was playing occasionally with Os Admirantes, Los Hermanitos De Rabanes. Now 33 was composed of 6 members (if you ever bought the triple album in spiral from 2008 to 1988l, look at the photo in the back). Tremendous clan! Red Hot Chilly Peppers was touring South America and Los 33 were hired to play with them in a big concert outside the famous Figali Convention Centre in Panama City. Los 33 opened with the intro music from the classic film The Exorcist and perform the gig with their greatest hits, firing up some 7,000 people who witnessed the spectacle. One of the memorable mass concerts for the band and their fans. Even I have in my memory Juanry with a cowboy hat playing in this gigantic stage. RHCP bassist congratulated the band for their music and performance. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer, gives a 'high five' to Vic. Los 33 were RHCP fans. I think they pissed their pants, although I think Vic was wearing leather pants ... worse !!! With the support of Sony, a tour of Guatemala and Costa Rica is organized. There was no band to play the genre of rock with the style that Los 33 did. It was a very enjoyable and successful tour. The band was having too much fun and parties increasingly became more intense. There was an incident with some 3 chapinas girls who refused to go home after a long party at the hotel (we reserve the names) ... leave it at that. They shared the stage with several local bands of both countries and their music was loud and in the main radio stations of Guatemala and Costa Rica. On 10 November of that year the band was presented with great success in the International Rock Festival held in the city of Miami with La Mosca De Argentina, Los Amigos Invisibles from Venezuela, his countrymen Rabanes, Molotov from Mexico, Vicentico from Argentina Pedro Suarez Vertiz from Peru and Enrique Bunbury from Spain. They returned to Panama in November 19, 2002 and became the most awarded band in the first edition of 2001-2002 PanamaRock Awards, taking four medals in the categories of Best Song of the Year "Cosas Pasan" Best Band Live, Best Pop Rock Band and Album of the Year: Arriba. The rest of the year, the band performed various local performances and shared the stage with Juanes in a concert in Panama.

2002: Sony Music demands another album immediately. Practically, they want it for yesterday, so the band, without taking a 'break' or enjoy a short vacation, had to return to the studio to compose. All the themes of the new and seventh album titled ON were new compositions, except a rock version of a very good song of Fito Paez "Un Vestido Y Un Amor" which was recorded and mixed, but never went into production. The management or record label that Fito Paez was signed with asked for a certain amount of $$. Within three weeks they tripled that amount so Sony Music was like no way Jose! Los 33 not care. Anyway, the cover tuned out to be a beast and you can listen to it only on this website (ON), but we cannot sell it for obvious reasons. The band had to spit out songs almost overnight by the pressure of Sony Music, which was almost unacceptable to Los 33. But the band negotiated and won a couple of extra weeks to finish composing and arranging music and godliness, without discrediting their quality by the troubles behind the scenes. To make something really well you must devote adequate time to it. That whole issue started some problems between the band and Sony Music. Sony Music never got to tell Los 33 how to compose music, or messed with their genre or style. The band had already matured a lot along the way years ago. Sony respect the desires of Los 33 to continue (as it always did) producing their albums themselves. They tried to bring a musical producer from Mexico, but the band refused. If something isen’t broke, don’t fix it. Vic, Ricky and Juanry were unhappy with some management decisions that Sony was taking without consulting them. More tangles, miscommunications, judgments by speculation, misunderstandings, etc, etc, etc ... Won’t bore you with the details. About producers, they always help to improve production to ensure sales. And that's what the record companies want. But when a producer wants to change your style or your compositions too; here comes trouble! Just ask Rabanes! Let's talk about ON ... Los 33 are raised to another level ... above the previous record in Insomnia and for the first time ever, mixed and mastered album recorded in a studio where the big band recorded ... .Studies El Pie in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Charly Garcia, Soda Stereo and many more went there. Juanry and Ricky travel to mix and master the album. Eduardo Bergallo, famous worldwide, is responsible for producing them. They return to Panama with a quality never obtained before. The band is very satisfied and promotions begin in Panama. Hits: "Vuelve", "Solo En Tus Ojos," "Mr. Saturday Night" and "Humillandome Por Ti" take hold of the top of the main stations in the country. It was a whole year of 33s. Journey, Cheaptrick and 38 Special of the United States come to Panama for a rock festival; The Cage 9 and Los 33 perform in this concert for Panama at Rod Carew Stadium to approx. 17,000 people. Unforgettable! 2003: With the experience of Vic in recent years as Township Representative, and seeing so many needs among the neediest of its population, creates the popular reality TV show "Tu Dia De Suerte", broadcasted on TVN Channel 2, so thusly, further develop their social work with the Panamanian people and nationwide. It is very ironic, according to many friends and fans, that Los 33 released two albums in two years while Vic was at the same time in politics. Never before they had been producing records as fast. Sony Music must have contributed much to its pressure. Result: 2 excellent albums under pressure; so perhaps they are a lot more efficient under pressure. The October 31, 2003, the band celebrates 15 years of musical career, performing a concert celebrating with their fans and the public all their greatest hits. In November 2003, the band returns to be enshrined in the Panama Rock Awards in the categories Best Band Rock Pop, Best Live Band and Best Album of the Year, this time for its ON work, which was considered by Rolling Stone as one of the best albums of Latin Rock that year. Panama Rock Awards in 2004 honoured the band for its 15 years of musical career receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. Nobody has even 5 awards; Los 33 have 8! 2004: Billy goes to Boston, Mass (USA) to study music production at Berklee School of Music. Also, Jose Manuel leaves because he was going to live in Alaska! They were the two guitarists and we had lost them both. We were put on hold while we found at least one good rock guitarist who would be able to keep up with the monster records that Los 33 had produced so far. NOT EASY! By then, he was a newcomer to Panama, and also studied and graduated from Berklee, Camilo Navarro, better known as Cienfue. He was starting his solo career in Panama, but accepted the challenge of working with Los 33. And he did very well for almost a year. He was able to fulfill the contracts which the band had that year. Our respects and thanks to Cienfue! Then they recruited Edwin Reed, Woodstock guitarist, best known cover band Panama. A professional guitarist, very modest and played the guitar at the same level as the big ones. Their sound was very professional. Just looking at him as he was setting up his pedals and gear the day of the audition, he made them realize that Edwin was the one. And to top it, Edwin always wanted to be in Los 33, he was a fan of the band.

2005: Los 33 decided to record a new single, "Soy Tu Conciencia" (I am your conscience) and also recorded a video. The song had a strong presence in the major radio stations in Panama because they had spent a good couple years without throwing anything new for the fans. 2007: Los 33 was back to win a prize more; . "Best Band Pop Rock" in the sixth instalment of the Panama Rock Awards "Soy Tu Conciencia" brought them back to action with a tour that was put together in the City of Panama and in some cities in the rest of the country 2008..: José Manuel returns to Panama and returns to play with Los 33. The band regains its two guitars. New Super alignment: Vic, Ricky, Edwin, Jose Manuel, and Jose Miguel Juanry "Chile" They decide to launch their next production, 2008-1988 En Espiral. It was a triple album with two CDs with 33 songs that most represented the history of the band. Some songs were acoustic experiments (live) and many from other albums. It also included a dvd with discography of the band, live performances and video collection of Los 33. A super album with "Espiral" being the only new song of this production, a powerful rock energy discharge! This song was considered by many, as one of the most powerful rock songs in the history of the band. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Pty Studios, Panama City. Listen to it, bro! The strength in the distortion of the guitar played by José Manuel, the bass lines and the beats of Juanry, and then you got Ricky on drums! Gustavo Cerati, lead singer and guitarist for the popular band Soda Stereo from Argentina comes to Panama and Los 33 open the show at the Atlapa Convention Center! Excellent experience! A success before more than 5,000 fans! On October 5 of that year, Vic was filming his TV show "Your Lucky Day" by the Azuero Peninsula, when he received a call with very bad news ... Gustavo Araujo, a friend of Vic and of the band and former guitarist of Los 33, had died in a horrific accident in the city of David, Chiriqui. It was as if life had taken from them the older brother they never had. A drunk driver, going full steam, ran over Gustavo and one of his friends. They both died. Very painful for everyone. Gustavo was loved and known in the Panamanian showbiz. A couple of months before the accident, he had taken the photos for Vic’s campaign that was coming up in 2009. The theme of the 33 "De Tu Lado" is always dedicated to Gustavo when the band plays that song live. It's your song always will be. Los 33 chose to conduct their usual tour and detonate the different provinces of Panama’s rockers. What's left behind is pure dust and debris. Months later, they meet to assess and analyse the situation of the national rock music at the time. There were differences of opinion in which way to go. The band makes a decision to take a break and they break up. Vic and Ricky have plans to release an album venture with Los 33 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They invite Juanry and Jose for the adventure, but they declined. In comes Juan Octavio Diaz (former bassist also from Tierra de Nadie and Par a dice) to handle the bass and they go to Argentina to release a compilation of their hits, which were unknown there. The band once again has a single guitar. ND Ateneo, a famous theatre where various Argentinian rock bands have been the venue for the launch. With a very good attendance, the album was released; Argentines and many Panamanians residing there attended the performance. The Panamanian rock placed his flag in the south. The band sacrificed much and invested enough for this adventure. They were invited to TV programmes, radio stations and a lot of interviews, lots of fun.

2009: Vic, again becomes involved in politics and now earns a position as a deputy of the Republic. He had the opportunity to reform the laws for national artists in Panama. With the support of many national developers and artists, it presents a bill to reform what currently existed. But unions in the Panamanian music business do not like the project. It did not suit them. For lack of work and interest from the Education, Culture and Sport committee of the National Assembly, the project is put on 'stand by'. Many say that the syndicates negotiated with others who disputed with the bill to put the breaks on Vic’s project and to boycott it. So there stayed the bill that was to fully improve the treatment and conditions for the artists. What a pity. Hopefully one rocker deputy in the future will blow the dust off the bill and present again before the plenary of the Assembly. 2011: Guns & Roses does an American tour and come to Panama. They call Ricky to hire the band, but the band had split. They insisted for Los 33 to regroup and play with Guns & Roses. It was a good deal and Ricky managed to pick up the phone and call the band to see what the others thought. Get back together for the Guns and be hired to open the concert. The first day of rehearsals. After a long time without playing, they get together in a studio and instantly there is magic. It was awesome! As if they had never parted. Came the day of the show and as always, they rocked. But that was the last time that particular lineup would play together. The Guns gig was a onetime deal. All back to normal after that.

Aerosmith is on tour in Panama. Los 33 is hired and presented under the name Victor Juliao. All the fans know very well who is going to play. Line-up: Ricky, Vic, Edwin, Chile and Juan Octavio; Los 33 who travelled to Argentina. During the sound check, someone in charge of the production of Aerosmith gives a speech on stage all while the band is doing sound checks; "On instructions from Mr. Tyler, nobody is allowed to step on the stage catwalk", it came out in more than 20 metres into the audience. When foreign bands come to play in Panama or any other country, it is normal to have lines in their contracts with demands for how they want things. But if a requirement was detrimental to the national artist, or somehow discredited, bring discomfort. Precisely this was one of the key points of the proposed reform of the law of Vic. The concert was on November 1, the first day of the Fatherland. During the presentation of the band, right near the end of his classic "Mudate o Muerate", Vic holds a Panamanian flag and walks on the forbidden “Catwalk” of Tyler telling the public that in Panama, the rules are made by Panamanians. The production team of Aerosmith immediately rushes to cut the sound of the band, but it was well planned, by that time the song was over, as was the band’s performance. Such protest ncident triggered a barrage of criticism in some media, the most negative, calling Vic as disrespectful, and some positive indicating that even when at home, the national artist has to endure being treated poorly. Most of the public knew the singer and deputy had a bill for respecting the national artists’ rights on issues like this. One must practice what it preaches. Vic had to protest in some way, if not, what is he made of? 2013: As Vic and Ricky, the original members and leaders of the 33, reunited ... Juan Octavio, Chile and Edwin; they were itching to play again. Chile and Vic write a new song, "Mision Oficial" (official mission). They recorded it in Insomnia with Paul Quintero and video, directed by Vic, produced and edited by a friend of the band, producer Alberto Rodriguez recorded by Parrokino Films. It was a simple video footage of the band performing on a film studio and the rest were other clips from long footages of tours, concerts, and of the life itself that the band had recorded. Ricky and Vic decided to call themselves Los 44, because they were all in their forties!!! After laughing about something that was real, it was reported to the public that for this new production and tour of "Mision Oficial" the band would be called Los 44. There was a lot of confusion, but you know now the facts. Things that happen. The show must go on! Vic and Ricky had spent many years playing together. They created Los 33 back in1987!!! Nearly 25 years ago!!! . Similarly, wherever Vic and Ricky go, they will always be seen as Los 33.

2015: A year after the Mision Oficial tour concludes, the band was invited to play in a classic rock festival "Panama Classic Rock Reunion" on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at the venue near Latitud 47 Cl Uruguay. Back as Los 33, they invited three former guitarists; Toño Gonzalez, one of the founding members of the band, Ivan McGowen of the 90s and Billy Herron of the2000s. In this great Classic Rock Meeting, the band, for obvious reasons, is presented as Los 33 and shared stage with other talented and legendary artists such as Los Timidos, Leonte Bordanea (Instinto), Carlos Ivan Zuniga (Xantos Jorge), Tierra De Nadie and Oceano. The magic of the night cannot be explained! Musicians and artists along with the crowd that had attended enjoyed a night that transported them back in time to relive their days of adolescence and youth! Los 33 closed the night with their classic hits! In Mudate o Muerate all the artists started to jump and enjoy the close with this last classic theme and the public had formed a traditional 'slam dance' that you don’t see much anymore. Mudate o Muerate always inspired the rebellious and uncontrolled since its inception. It was a night of great camaraderie, friendship and respect for the national rock. The next day, Ricky and Victor have a phone conversation in which each expressed how much they missed the old days and how they had just revived it along with former band members. With a lot of excitement, they conclude that after 15 years, it was time for Toño Gonzalez to return to the band. On Monday they meet with Toño sharing a beer at the home of Ricky, they give a big hug and welcome him back to the band ... very moving! Los 33 are back with another original member! Five days later, released a statement with new photos and inform the public and media that "Toño is BACK" and that a new album will be out in mid2015! So now comes a new album, which aims to return to its roots of Hard Rock! Put your shoes and hop on the bandwagon in 2015!

           “Keep on rocking’ in the free world!”